Mobile Awareness LLC announces the release of a new SenseStat wired obstacle detection sensor system for commercial trucks with trailers, utility vehicles, and buses.

Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged, the system alerts drivers to objects behind their vehicle with both an audible (active) and visual indicator (LED display). The waterproof sensors work in all weather conditions and provide the location of an obstacle (Zone Discrimination) within four individual areas behind the vehicle — accurate to within one inch.

The SenseStat system MA-ODSS-4M17TT (truck and trailer) or MA-ODSS-4M17BT (box truck) have features not found on other backing systems.

Developed using a sensor technology, the system is economical to install and maintain. The four-each waterproof sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mount easily on the rear of a truck or trailer. The dash-mounted Warning Display Unit (WDU) connects to the ECU via a single waterproof cable that installs under the vehicle.

Other SenseStat features include the ability to adjust the furthest end location of the vehicle due to overhanging objects such as a trailer hitch or extended bumpers.

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