Cygnus Instruments, manufacturer of the world's first multiple echo digital ultrasonic metal thickness gauge in 1983, has introduced the new Cygnus 2.

As with all Cygnus gauges, coatings such as paint or epoxy do not have to be removed in order to measure the metal. However, the real advantage of multiple echoes is that the user gets an accurate, verified thickness measurement.

Cygnus 2 is housed in a compact, rugged anodized aluminum housing with rubber side grips. This housing is watertight with an IP65 rating. There is a protective silicone outer sleeve with belt clip or neck strap options. The gauge weighs 9.5 ounces.

The red LED display, which is still mounted on the end of the gauge, now has an auto-brightening feature when used in bright sunshine. Calibration of the gauge is now performed digitally via the new keypad on the face of the gauge. The gauge is now powered by two AA batteries.

Cygnus 2 has automatic probe recognition for ease of switching probes frequencies. The new Deep Coat allows the user to measure coatings up to .750 inches (20 mm). This gauge meets all DOT regulations.

For more information, phone 1-888-CYGNUS5 or e-mail