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Transloading Services Key

Midvale UT

Savage Services Corp
7371 S Rio Grande St, Midvale UT 84047
☎ (801) 944-2536
Rail: Savage Bingham & Garfield RR, BNSF, 7 spots
Products: a, b, c, e, f, g, h
Svcs/Eq: a, b, d, i
Dry Xfer: e, f

Ogden UT

Food Express Inc
3160 Union Ave, Ogden UT 84401
☎ (801) 394-2242
Rail: UP, BNSF
Products: f, g
Svcs/Eq: b, d
Dry Xfer: a, c

Price UT

Savage Services Corp/Savage Energy Terminal
1615 1000 S, Price UT 84501
☎ (435) 637-5022
Rail: UP, 70 spots
Products: h, i
Svcs/Eq: a, b, d, i

Salt Lake City UT

Thatcher Co
1905 Fortune Rd, Salt Lake City UT 84104
☎ (801) 972-4587, Fax: 801-972-4606
Rail: BN, UP, 40 cars
Products: a, b
Svcs/Eq: a, b, f, i

Truck-Rail Handling
Salt Lake City UT
☎ (510) 657-4267, Fax: 510-657-5083
Rail: UP/SP, BNSF, 16 spots; Outside carriers for liquids only
Products: a, b, c, e, f, g, h
Svcs/Eq: a, b
Dry Xfer: a, e