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Transloading Services Key

Sand Springs OK

OmniTRAX Logistics Services (OLS)
1650 S 81 West Ave, Sand Springs OK 74127
☎ (877) 229-2349
Rail: Sand Springs Railway served by BNSF & UP
Products: b, c, e, f, g, h, i
Svcs/Eq: a, b, d
Dry Xfer: a, b, c, e, f

Tulsa OK

A Clean Environment Co
2801 S 25th W Ave, Tulsa OK 74107
☎ (918) 295-8600, Fax: 918-295-8607
Rail: BNSF, 2,400’ of track
Products: a, b, c, e, f, g, h
Svcs/Eq: a, b, d, f, g
Dry Xfer: a, c

National Tank Services, a Trimac Company
2120 North 161 East Ave, Tulsa OK 74116
☎ (800) 375-8859, Fax: 918-234-2436
Rail: BNSF, 16 spots
Products: a, b, c, g, h
Svcs/Eq: a, d, i
Dry Xfer: a, c, e

Plastic Express
10911 E 55th Pl, Tulsa OK 74146
☎ (918) 553-6286, Fax: 626-336-1216
Rail: UP, 18 spots
Products: g
Svcs/Eq: b, d, g
Dry Xfer: a