Tank truck carriers with foodgrade equipment are being asked to help transport potable water as part of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort along the Texas Gulf Coast, according to National Tank Truck Carriers.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Texas Governor’s Task Force are requesting any available foodgrade tank trailers and tank trucks for potable water transport in the Houston/Beaumont area in Southeast Texas.

Protect Environmental Services Inc is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s official Emergency Response Team. Tank truck carriers in a position to help out are asked to contact: src@protectusa.net or rcameron@protectusa.net. The phone number is 817-589-9005.

It should be noted that companies wanting to deliver life sustaining supplies to the region must arrange access to affected areas with local law enforcement. An Access Re-Entry Information Form is available at http://ppp.trustedops.com. Alternatively, companies may email FEMA at R6-privatesector@fema.dhs.gov and include the following information:

• What life-saving commodities are you transporting? (only life-saving or life-sustaining commodities are currently being allowed into restricted areas)

• How many trucks are being sent/require access, and how are trucks marked?

• What is end destination and known route?

• What IDs do drivers have?

• What is the estimated time of arrival for destination?