MEETING standards required for kosher-certified tank cleaning calls for “fit and proper” procedures mandated by Jewish law.

Bill Miller of M T Clean LLC, Charles Decker of Gateway Terminal Service, and Bob Young of Lafayette Sani-Wash Inc discussed kosher certification at the National Tank Truck Cleaning Council Seminar March 28-29 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Miller pointed out that cleaning systems and cleaning solutions must meet the requirements and must be documented accordingly.

After a standard foodgrade detergent wash, the kosher-required 15-minute fresh filtered-water wash at 180°-200°F completes the process. Trailers should be dried and free of water. This can be accomplished by blow drying with filtered ambient air. Residual water can be removed with clean lint free cloths. All caps and fittings should be sanitized by 180°-200°F city water or steam and replaced on the trailer.

Decker said that some systems operate automatically and can maintain the proper kosher temperature. If the temperature drops below the required temperature, the equipment shuts off.

He added that if the temperature drops below the required level, the process must be begun again. All equipment involved in cleaning the tanks must be certified, such as pumps and hoses.

Young said that kosher requirements vary in different areas of the country. Some tank washes may receive direct rabbi inspections while other Jewish inspectors allow applicants to submit video tapes of the tank cleaning operation for reinspection.

More information about kosher certification and how to apply for the designation can be found on the Internet at or by searching the Web for additional sources.