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Tultitlan MEX

Transportes Minerva SA de CV
Autopisto Mexico - Qro. Km 32.5, Col San Martin Obispo, 54900 Tultitlan MEX
Ph: 01 (55) 5884-6805, 09, 01 (800) 690 0590, FAX: 01-55- 5884-6805 ext 101
Product limitations: Only foodgrade products


Guadalajara JAL

Transportes Minerva SA de CV
Halcon No. 1216, Col Morelos, 44910 Guadalajara JAL
Nearest Interstate/Exit: Between Lazaro Cardenas & Avenida Washington
Ph: 01-333-811-6200 ext 103, 01 (800) 69 00640, FAX: 01-333-811-6200 ext 122
Product limitations: Only foodgrade products

Zapopan JAL

Sanitizamex SA de CV
Vicente Guerrero #1035-A interior 2, Col El Mante, 45235 Zapopan JAL
Nearest Interstate/Exit: Anillo Periferico Sur
Ph: +52 (33) 38040356, +52 3338082400 (mobile & night)
Product limitations: Only food grade. Kosher certified.


Guadalupe NL

Transportes Minerva SA de CV
Bonifacio Salinas Leal No. 615, Col Central de Carga, 67100 Guadalupe NL
Nearest Interstate/Exit: Between calle A & B
Ph: 01 (81) 83-774050
Product limitations: Only foodgrade products


Altamira TAM

Complejo Industrial al Servicio del Transporte SA de CV
Autopisto Tampico Mante Km 22.5, Col Revolucion Obrera, 89602 Altamira TAM
Nearest Interstate/Exit: 80 (Carretera Tampico-Mante)
Ph: 52 (833) 1620953, 52 (833) 4542562