Tidewater Transit Co Inc, Kinston NC, and Wynne Transport Service Inc, Omaha NE, are the newest recipients of the National Tank Truck Carriers’ Outstanding Safety Performance Trophies. The awards were presented April 28 during the National Tank Truck Carriers 67th Annual Conference in Boston MA.

This marks the first year that two trophies were awarded. NTTC changed the program to recognize a high-mileage fleet and a lower-mileage fleet. The dividing line is 15 million miles. Both trophies are sponsored by Heil Trailer International, the sponsor for more than 30 years.

Tidewater Transit won in the 31.5-40 million miles high mileage category with an accident frequency of .368 accidents per million miles, and Wynne Transport was the lower mileage winner in the 12.5-15 million miles category with an accident frequency of .314 accidents per million miles. Tidewater Transit’s David Edgerton and Wynne Transport’s Alan Roberts were named NTTC safety Professionals of the Year.

Tidewater Transit won the Grand Awards in the 2014 Competitive Safety Contest and the Competitive Safety Contest/Safety officials in its mileage category, as did Wynne Transport, which also received an Honor Award in the 2014 Personnel Safety Contest with a frequency of 0.89.

The two carriers earned their trophies with an outstanding safety record, safety and preventive maintenance programs, personnel safety program and record, contributions to promoting safety throughout the tank truck industry, and contributions to the cause of general highway safety.