Firestone Industrial Products is offering next-generation air spring technologies, including lighter-weight components and the Airide Integrative Air-Damping System. The company is also highlighting milestones in the evolution of air spring technology, which was originally developed by Firestone Industrial Products 75 years ago.

The Airide Integrative Air-Damping System provides an effective, lighter-weight alternative to cab-mount suspension applications, providing the functionality of an air spring and shock absorber in a single part. The system consists of an exterior bellow made of natural rubber that encompasses a proprietary, shock-absorbing module. Preliminary testing indicates a notable reduction in the transmission and frequency of vibration compared with traditional air spring/shock absorber or air spring/hydraulic damper configurations.

Firestone Industrial Products is also taking steps to help reduce overall vehicle weight — a key factor in maximizing fuel efficiency — through lighter-weight, primary air spring options. These air springs offer weight reductions of up to three pounds per spring.

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