Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) has made a good idea even better and is backing it with a guarantee. Field tests of the new Bulk Tank Fluted SiphonFlow Hopper Tee resulted in unloading rates up to 22 percent faster and temperatures as much as 20 degrees lower. Additional testing from an independent lab verified flow of 300 SCFMs more than a popular design on the market.

The fluted design of the SiphonFlow Tee creates a venturi effect as tank pressure pushes product out of the tank while line pressure simultaneously pulls product through. With the SiphonFlow Tee, product is in the horizontal pipe the minute it leaves the hopper valve. Eliminating downstream radius on the tee reduces flow turbulence, friction, and heat generation.

The Bulk Tank Fluted SiphonFlow Hopper Tee is available in a straight version or a trouble-free bottom-drop tee of 5 or 6 inches, in lightweight aluminum or abrasion-resistant steel. SiphonFlow Bottom Drop Tees provide ground clearance of one-half inch to 1.5 inches more than other models and ensure a consistent seal every time the door cams shut. The SiphonFlow Aluminum Bottom Drop Tee is up to seven pounds lighter, yet still guaranteed to last longer than any other model. The abrasion-resistant steel version is composed of a heat-treated alloy steel, which field tests prove will outlast and outperform any fabricated steel and cast hopper tee on the market. All versions of the new Bulk Tank Fluted SiphonFlow Hopper Tee include design features that reduce fuel consumption and operating costs while increasing unloading rates and productivity.

BTI unconditionally guarantees this product will outperform any other hopper tee product currently on the market. For more information, call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600) or visit www.bulktankinc.com.