Blackmer has announced the release of a new video that highlights the company's leadership and commitment to environmental sustainability, not only in the pump and compressor products it designs and builds for its end-users, but also in the sustainable manufacturing practices it employs at its factory and office facilities.

This new sustainability video can be found at It has been designed to show viewers how the company has built its reputation on producing energy-efficient flow systems. This dedication to producing the most environmentally friendly equipment has led to development of the Blackmer Smart Energy Flow Solutions initiative. The video explains how the use of rotary vane technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 24% compared with other pumping technologies.

But there's more to achieving environmental sustainability than just offering flow systems that reduce energy usage, utility costs, and impact on the environment. This new video also illustrates how Blackmer has engaged in an aggressive, ongoing program that has minimized the ecological impact of its manufacturing operations and enhanced overall efficiency. This can be as simple as the reuse of cardboard boxes to carefully capturing and reusing the sand needed to form the molds for compressor and pump castings. Blackmer has also streamlined its production processes to the point where one piece of equipment is now doing the job for four. Other plant improvements include replacing liquid-cooled compressors with highly efficient air-cooled compressors, and upgrading the lighting with energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures.

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