uDrove LLC announces the introduction of uDrove, a new compliance management tool for the trucking industry. Harnessing the power, accessibility, and portability of smart phones, uDrove replaces piles of in-cab paperwork with a simple phone application.

It enables drivers to keep a log, track mileage for tax purposes, record fuel and business expenses, and even complete and electronically submit driver's vehicle inspection reports and proof-of-delivery documents. It also provides fleets and shippers with real-time load tracking from pick-up to delivery without the cost of satellite systems.

By accessing the uDrove website, drivers and fleet managers have instant access to compliance and business activity information transferred directly from the smart phone application.

This tool is compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, and Android smart phones available for purchase from wireless providers nationwide. In addition, the firm has established an online store for the purchase of uDrove-enabled smart phones and accessories that can be found at uDrove Wireless.

uDrove is an affiliate company to the Internet Truckstop freight matching service. Visit www.uDrove.com.