Tenstreet LLC, a supplier of software systems that help truck fleets recruit, hire, and retain drivers, has launched a new service aimed at automating and streamlining the driver management process.

Known as the Tenstreet Communication Engine, the new service will allow trucking companies to significantly improve all levels of communication and compliance at an affordable, flat-rate price, according to Craig Johnson, chief executive officer of Tenstreet. He said the new engine will especially benefit carriers that have asked for systems to better prepare for the safety policies, practices, and procedures for the upcoming CSA 2010 (Comprehensive Safety Initiative) program.

Tenstreet Communication Engine's capabilities include:

  • Accident response — Accident registry entries can automatically enroll drivers in specific online safety courses (depending on what type of accident occurred), schedule training courses, notify the driver of training dates, display courses online, track driver progress, test the driver upon completion, store the driver's test in the online document file, and notify the safety director that the driver has completed the course, as well as produce a DOT-compliant Accident Registry.

  • Monthly safety training — The system will automatically determine eligible drivers; initiate and monitor necessary training, both web-based video training and phone-based training; track which drivers have satisfactorily completed the safety training; test drivers (if desired); and update driver files upon completion of the process.

  • Driver orientation — will automatically determine eligibility for enrollment, schedule sessions via the web, produce all orientation paperwork electronically, stream all necessary videos, store and maintain driver files online, and notify management upon completion of the process.

Johnson said Tenstreet Communication Engines will permit fleets and management to monitor all content and activity in real-time, view tests results and progress reports 24/7, and automatically communicate with users to ensure action is being accomplished.

Visit www.tenstreet.com for further details.