Telogis Inc is launching Driver Safety Alerts for its Telogis Fleet platform, providing fleet managers and safety directors with instant alerts and trend data of speeding or other aggressive driving behavior.

Driver Safety Alerts incorporate data from the onboard GPS hardware to track aggressive driving, such as hard acceleration, sudden braking, and excessive speeding. It also uses speed limit data provided by NAVTEQ contained within Telogis Fleet to provide alerts of drivers exceeding posted limits.

Safety alerting is completely configurable based on thresholds defined by each organization. Telogis Fleet makes the safety alerting simple to use and easy to configure.

Driver Safety Alerts enable data to be viewed in a variety of ways, and is customizable. The Telogis Fleet platform provides a real-time alerting engine as well as a list of configurable reports. Alert data can also be incorporated into driver score cards and viewed in Telogis Fleet's dashboard for more detailed analysis and reporting.

Driver Safety Alerts is included with the Pro and Enterprise editions of the Telogis Fleet platform. For pricing details, contact Telogis' sales team at or 866-835-6447; or visit