Rand McNally's mileage and routing applications, MileMaker and IntelliRoute, have been integrated with Aljex Software's hosted transportation management software for brokers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

Now Aljex customers can quickly and easily generate accurate Rand McNally mileage and truck-specific routes without leaving their working Aljex application. MileMaker distances will automatically populate the appropriate fields in Aljex screens and documents. There is no need to re-enter mileage data, which saves time and eliminates copying errors.

MileMaker offers accurate distances for rating, routing, and billing. IntelliRoute provides efficient, truck-sensitive routing that gets big trucks where they need to go — away from restricted roadways, bridges, and tunnels.

Based in Middlesex NJ, Aljex provides hosted management software for freight brokers, carriers, 3PLs, and other transportation providers. For more details, visit www.aljex.com or contact sales@aljex.com.