QuestaWeb Inc. ( has released a new, web-based module designed to help companies comply with the Importer Security Filing (ISF) regulation, better known as 10+2. QuestaWeb's 10+2 (ISF) module facilitates information gathering and data submission and supports use in either a manual or automated mode, at the client's choice. Built-in communication capabilities maintain bidirectional information flow, assuring current information as worldwide trade conditions change. Advanced functionality allows firms to build ISFs automatically from purchase orders and commercial invoices and, by design, the module electronically ties the final entry information back to the ISF filing for efficient recall when needed. QuestaWeb's 10+2 (ISF) module eliminates transaction fees for both filing and amending ISFs.

The QuestaWeb 10+2 (ISF) module offers firms:

  • Complete control over processes, transmissions and data quality. Firms possess the option to:

    • Allow vendors to input data and transmit to US Customs/brokers directly.

    • Review and edit vendor data and transmit information to US Customs/broker themselves.

  • Manual or automated processes.

    • Use built-in standardized file formats.

    • Use your own formats.

  • No transaction fees.