Qualcomm Inc announces Media Manager Service, which provides fleets with an easy and inexpensive way to deliver detailed information to drivers remotely through a variety of media types, including audio, video, and PDF files. Media Manager Service is available on the Mobile Computing Platform 100 Series (MCP110) and Mobile Computing Platform 200 Series (MCP200).

This service enables fleets to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deliver timely content to drivers remotely using audio, video, and document files to address immediate operational, safety, and other information needs. With Media Manager Service, fleets' delivery of information such as corporate updates, training content, forms, permits, maps of properties, and special instructions improves their ability to both track and manage content being sent to driver mobile devices.

The service enables fleets to provide property maps and special written instructions to drivers through PDF files, which drivers can then print with the Qualcomm-recommended in-cab printer. Media Manager Service also can send files to Wi-Fi users at no charge. The service will allow companies to stay connected with drivers who are away from the home terminal or office and often do not receive information in a timely and appropriate manner, as well as remotely detect and assess risky driving behavior immediately.