PeopleNet has formed a partnership with J. J. Keller Consulting Services to form the PeopleNet/J. J. Keller Safety Program, a comprehensive set of safety and regulatory compliance resources for fleets.

On the PeopleNet side of the partnership, PeopleNet Professional Services will help fleets maximize the benefit of eDriver Logs through planning and training. Planning will include establishing ROI and using eDriver Logs data to enhance load planning and dispatch. Training will include managing drivers who challenge the program, dealing with violations in real time, and ultimately using eDriver Logs to improve driver relations and retention.

J. J. Keller Consulting Services will help fleets build safety programs from the ground up by analyzing existing policies and procedures and recommending changes. They might address general motor carrier safety, vehicle maintenance practices, drug and alcohol testing, hazardous materials, workplace safety, and specific issues involving the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.