PeopleNet has launched the Tablet, an optionally portable onboard computer that improves driver efficiency and workflow, and eliminates the need for additional hand-held devices in the cab.

This onboard computing platform captures vehicle and driver management information that can integrate with the back office. With a seven-inch touch screen, it combines in-cab functionality such as in-cab navigation, vehicle management (engine diagnostics), eDriver Logs, in-cab training, driver e-mail and messaging, and geofencing with portable options including a camera, bar-code scanner, signature capture, and wi-fi to speed up workflow, improve customer service, and improve driver efficiency. Tablet's Windows 7 operating platform opens the computer to a range of peripherals, document formats, and advanced applications.

Specific workflow and cash-flow advantages are:

  • Optional built-in bar-code scanning identifies overages and shortages immediately.

  • With Tablet's optional built-in camera, drivers can photograph damaged goods and send photos to expedite replacement shipments for better customer service and faster billing.

  • Maintenance managers have access to DVIRs quicker, giving them visibility to potential problems.

  • Wi-fi provides faster data downloads and hot spot access to save communication costs, as well as Internet browsing.

  • Built-in signature capture conveys proof of delivery to the back office for faster invoicing and shorter Day Sales Outstanding (DSO).

  • Eliminates out-of-route miles and reduces fuel consumption with in-cab navigation.

In addition to a docking station for in-cab use and an option for hard mounting, Tablet comes with both soft and hard keyboard options.

Tablet will be commercially available in first quarter 2011. Visit to learn more.