Labelmaster has teamed up with Instructional Technologies of Vancouver WA to launch an online hazardous materials training program in the United States for professional truck drivers. Beta testing of the program has been completed, and the product will be marketed and sold by Labelmaster under the name Online Transportation Training.

This interactive, four-lesson set meets the training requirements under Parts 172.700-172.704CFR 49 in a new interactive format. Material is highly visual and contains practical exercises and a review of the company security plan. The program not only meets the federal requirements, but also trains the driver. Training, which follows the Pro-TREAD format, consists of four lessons: Communication Rules; Loading and Placarding; Driving and Parking Rules; and Hazmat Security Awareness, which must also include a review of the company's unique security plan.

When all lessons have been completed, a Certificate of Training will be issued in the driver's name for inclusion in his or her training file.

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