Spraying Systems Co announces the launch of a new website, TankJet.com, dedicated to tank cleaning optimization and automation options. Details about new technology and products that increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and reduce manual labor in tank cleaning operations are provided.

TankJet.com includes information on dozens of tank cleaning nozzles, spray balls, motor-driven tank cleaners, automated systems, and lances suitable for cleaning tanks, vats, and reactors up to 98 feet (30 meters) in diameter. The site is filled with videos of products in use, application information, a streamlined selection guide, and educational resources.

The site also explains the company's free on-site evaluation service. Spraying Systems Co's dedicated sales engineers, located in more than 80 offices around the world, are available to conduct a complimentary inspection/audit of current tank cleaning operations and provide recommendations on how to shorten cleaning time without compromising thoroughness, reduce water and chemical use, and eliminate manual labor.