McLeod Software has added significant reporting functionality to its LoadMaster IX base software system to help carriers better identify and manage key operational metrics. Referred to as Vital Signs, the reporting function provides an interactive and powerful way for managers to monitor and review critical business indicators in their daily operations 24/7.

The new capability allows end users flexibility in configuring their Vital Signs to fit the specific operating characteristics of a company or a division. Vital Signs reports provide management the ability to set goals and standards within the system, then monitor metrics throughout the day against these measurements and, ultimately, monitor their overall progress toward achieving those goals.

A range of operations-related and productivity metrics can be monitored and measured using Vital Signs. These include: revenue, distance, and deadhead by tractor, driver, or other factors; utilization indicators such as number of tractors and/or trailers being used at any one time; safety and related metrics that include driver turnover rates, OS&D (over, short, and damage) claims; and service failures. Various aspects of these measurements can also be monitored by company division, fleet segment, and even by a day-of-the-week timeframe. Vital Signs reports also provide the ability to drill down from a metric in the report to its source information for further analysis.

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