Labelmaster has released its 2010 Catalog containing hundreds of new products including labels, forms, placards, shipping supplies, signs, and books.

New products featured in the 530-page catalog include:

  • Lithium battery labels designed in accordance with international air regulations.

  • Bung warning labels to warn end receivers of possible pressure build-up in drums during transport.

  • Two-tiered industrial label dispenser.

  • C-TPAT bolt lock seals meet ISO 17712 specifications for high-security seals.

  • Wide left turn tank/truck marking and high trailer marking for front of truck.

  • Latest regulatory publications.

  • Temperature data logger.

  • Tamper-evident tapes, labels, cargo door seals, and drug return bags.

  • Telescopic, folding-step, and roll-a-fold warehouse ladders that meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

  • Facility management side entry work platforms, protective barrier bumper guards to protect corners, walls, and machinery; and cargo securement storage rack used to hold load bars, straps, and pressure bars.

  • Overflow boxes for EPS foam sets for glass bottles, and EPS foam sets for glass bottles.

  • Barrier jerrican liquid containers with caps.

  • Sharp's needle disposal/glove dispenser system.

To receive a complimentary copy of the catalog, call 800-621-5808 or fax 800-723-4327. The catalog can also be requested online at or by e-mailing