inthinc Technology Solutions Inc announced the introduction of a touchscreen driver interface that works in conjunction with the company's waySmart commercial driving safety system. The touchscreen can be used in place of the handheld key pad interface and provides a user-friendly graphical interface, minimizing user interaction to maintain a driver's concentration on the road.

An increase in FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) inspections and the upcoming CSA 2010 regulations are driving companies to implement an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) in each of their fleet vehicles. Some companies are already being required to have electronic logs, so they are looking for a system that will comply with CSA 2010. inthinc has developed its handheld and touchscreen to be compliant.

Features of the touchscreen include:

  • A new graphical user interface

  • Sleek design that is easy to mount and manage in the truck

  • Displayed hours-of-service logging and reporting with alerts when approaching time limits

  • Constant display of posted speed limit

  • Support for multiple languages

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