Comtech has launched IntelliTruck, a feature-rich telecommunications system for fleets and individual vehicles. IntelliTruck streamlines reporting requirements imposed on owners and drivers by the Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010), going beyond compliance to provide a tool for managing driver behavior and fleet optimization.

Priced to make technology accessible to all fleet owners, IntelliTruck's Electronic Onboard Data Recorder is fully compliant with new FMCSA requirements, providing these cost-saving benefits:

  • The technology can read all available vehicle data bus types, reducing the time and errors associated with manual recording of driver logs and other on-the-road metrics.

  • Diverse communications paths (including cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Satellite) provide coverage across the most rugged and remote landscapes, continuously evaluating the best path for communications to reduce operational expense.

  • An open, applications-friendly design means that IntelliTruck can host different applications on its architecture and receive software upgrades over the air, enabling fleet managers to run applications remotely without having to haul in their vehicles.

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