Ingersoll-Rand is producing a new line of PTO-driven air compressors. IR provides three models — identified as categories — that supply a range of cfm capacities from 30 to 1,000 cfm and operating pressures from 100 to 205 psi.

Units are designed to be mounted under truck decks. With this setup, the full truck bed is free to transport other items, and the towing hitch remains available.

The PTO, offered in side-mount or split-shaft transmission configurations, drives a positive-displacement, oil-flooded, rotary screw air end that provides power in the form of a compressor or for other auxiliary equipment.

The Category 1 system produces up to 90 cfm at 110 psi continuously. The Category 2 system puts out up to 220 cfm at 110 psi continuously. Category 1 compressors are most commonly used on service trucks for tire service, light utility work, and municipal duties. Category 2 compressors are most often used in utility and construction applications.

The Category 3 Split-Shaft Integral Compressor system generates up to 240 cfm at 110 psi continuously. This model is best employed in large air applications including in the gas and utility work, bridge repairs, sand blasting, and painting/striping.

Each model is controlled by a patented electrical control module mounted under the hood and operated by a switch in the cab. A patented heat-exchange system allows the units to begin work upon arrival at the jobsite, no matter what the outside temperature may be.

IR PTO-driven air compressors provide the same tool attachment configuration as a tow-behind compressor and can operate two 90-lb pavement breakers simultaneously (Category 2).

Users of IR PTO-driven air compressors have options including the addition of auxiliary components such as a welder, generator, or pressure washer.

For full information on these compressors, contact IR, 800-D Beaty St, Davidson NC 28036.